Jennifer Lyn Aos

Company founder Jennifer Aos studied fine art at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design and also studied music before entering the professional field of interior design. She worked in the luxury furniture, fashion and art industry for over a decade before starting her interior design business in 2004. She has lived in Los Angeles and San Diego and has clients in both cities. In her leisure time, she enjoys painting, hiking, yogaart, live music, vegan cooking and traveling. Her favorite hiking trail is Torrey Pines in La Jolla; favorite country to visit is Italy.   

Anatomy Of Style specializes in personalized, custom residential and commercial interior design. Projects include new custom homes, remodels, retail, creative studios, offices and set design for TV and film. We manage your entire project- from window treatments and furniture to budgeting and remodeling- so you don't have to. Our expertise is modern, contemporary and eclectic, but all styles are welcome. We are committed to using Eco-Friendly and ethically sourced products

“I believe that successful interior design should integrate interior spaces with the architectural and landscape features of a home, while also reflecting a client’s personality, preferences and lifestyle. I also recognize the importance of environmental responsibility and am committed to using materials that embody those values. I am dedicated to client satisfaction and will attain the latest resources to enhance my client's lifestyle for years to come.” – Jennifer Aos